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Adrian Faraji

Born in New York, but raised in Bethesda – Adrian began his Real Estate career early on. Having been raised in a household of Realtors, he has been around the industry his entire life and decided to become a Real Estate Agent due to his love for homes, but also because he enjoys working with people in his day to day life. Adrian has worked in several sales positions over the years, prior to entering Real Estate, which allowed him to learn a vast array of skills that have helped him flourish in the industry. After joining the family business at The Faraji Team with Long & Foster Real Estate, Adrian revamped a significant portion of the marketing strategy by implementing a tech based approach which has not only helped the team acquire new clientele, but has also given each and every client a newly developed competitive edge in the sales process. This new approach has been fine tuned over the years to only become more effective. Not only has Adrian kept The Faraji Team’s marketing approach dialed into the latest strategic concepts, but he has also served as a valued advisor to clients on both the purchase side and the list side of the real estate market, using the most up-to-date analytics and information to ensure the best possible outcome on each transaction. Fast forward to almost a decade later and he has only grown to love the industry even more!

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